Markets behave logically and predictably. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be markets.

The most important thing that sellers and buyers need to know about real estate markets is that they are LOGICAL and they are PREDICTABLE.


For example, let’s say a seller’s house is priced at $500k and it’s been on the market for 150 days. Is it logical or predictable to expect a buyer to come along and give the seller $500k for a house that no one else has wanted at that price for 5 months? Hardly. That’s why pricing a home above market makes absolutely no sense. That’s also why a savvy seller’s marketing plan MUST BE DESIGNED TO DELIVER THE LOGICAL AND PREDICTABLE and that requires a market-based price backed up with an aggressive marketing plan.

A plan designed to deliver a LOGICAL AND PREDICTABLE result will attract MULTIPLE BUYERS who will DRIVE UP THE PRICE. It is only under those circumstances that the door will be held wide open for a very PLEASANT SURPRISE.


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