A Gorgeous House Might Bring You to Forest Hill. Your New Neighbors Will Make It Home.

I wrote in a recent blog post that the Forest Hill section of Newark affords home buyers extraordinary value. Another post spotlights Forest Hill’s deep roots into the past, which give it a sense of gravitas and identity. And I’ve written about Forest Hill’s front lawn…Branch Brook Park…and how it contributes to the rhythm of Forest Hill life. But I overlooked something about Forest Hill that is at least as important as value, history and the park. It’s the people who live there. Forest Hill is, quite simply, a fascinating and interesting place to live and the people make it that way.

Over the past many months, I’ve met politicians, college professors, physicians, technologists, architects, consultants, entrepreneurs, Wall-streeters, labor union members, teachers, retired people…you get the idea. It reminds me of a more concentrated Montclair.

And Branch Brook Park bares some similarity to one of my favorite places on Earth: Sheep Meadow in NYC’s Central Park. Sheep Meadow is a place where everyone fits right in. That connection will never be more evident than during the Branch Brook Park Cherry Blossom Festival.

In its own small way, Forest Hill is what diversity ought to look like; all kinds of different people living together in a neighborhood that they care deeply about.

Forest Hill is a heck of a community. Let me show you around.


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