Investors Speak Up About Long-Term Business Relationships

DSCF4223Unlike most real estate transactions, real estate investors are always in the market. Because of my background as both an investor and a rehabber, I have a unique skill set that enables me to see property from a profit and loss point-of-view. That perspective is also valuable in connection with retail buyers and sellers because I see the total cost picture, not just the price of the house.

Brian is what a Real Estate Agent should be.

Buying or selling real estate entails risk. Because of Brian’s diverse experience he reduces that risk. Working with him is like working with a partner not a salesman.

[Brian] is one of those rare people who has the work ethic, attention to detail and follow through that made my transaction go smoothly.

Brian McCabe has changed my view on the true value of having a great agent on my side. I could count on Brian for accurate information, sound advice, and to treat every deal we have together like it’s the most important deal he has on his desk regardless of how big or small it may be.

Brian is one of those rare people who actually follows up and sees a task all the way to the end! It’s not often that I have the pleasure to work with an Agent who’s easy to get along with, and who has the work ethic and organizational skills that I demand.

If you want to speak to any of the people who have said these nice things about me and how I do business, I will be happy to provide you with their phone numbers.

How may I help you? You can call or text me at 973-865-1863 or reach me via email at

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