‘Brian gave us such an amazing sense of the [Forest Hill, Newark] community’

374 parker picHouses can’t be separated from the communities in which they are situated and when buyers ask me to tell them about historic Forest Hill in Newark it’s an invitation to evangelize about both a city on the move and a very special place to live. I am so pleased that I had a chance to work with Jennifer and Scott. It worked out well for all concerned, as Jennifer points out:

Homeowners at last!!   We recently moved into our dream house…and could not have done it without the unparalleled service of Brian McCabe. 

We started our journey towards finding a home with little knowledge of New Jersey or the home buying process itself.  After scouring north, south, east and west we were left feeling discouraged and uninspired.  Along comes an advertisement for a home in Newark, NJ, that was too good to be true.  Not knowing anything (good) about Newark, we were skeptical of even looking at the home.  But from our very first conversation with Brian, he gave us such an amazing sense of the community and location that we needed to see how good and honest a salesman he was.  On our first meeting at the house, we realized that he was not only honest but a fountain of knowledge of the people and history of the area (Forest Hill) that we began to think we had found a home.

After soul searching and calling Brian every few hours, we were sold.  Again, as newbies, we were very naïve about the process, but Brian was able to walk us through each step like the consummate professional he is.  AND, what’s more, Brian was not the listing agent for the home.  This was not his sell.   While he showed us his inventory of beautiful and comparable homes, even when we decided on the original house that was listed with another agent, Brian still guided us through the closing and even provided us with a who’s who of service professionals in the area. He called and texted frequently to check in with us during the entire process.  Even after closing he helped us navigate our move.  Talk about head to toe service! 

We would, and have, recommended Brian to as many house seekers as possible.  He is a gem, a mench, a Sherpa, a Buddha…he is what you are looking for in a real estate agent and friend.

May I help you either buy or sell your home? You can reach me anytime by phone or by text at 973-865-1863 or via email at bmccabe362@gmail.com.

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  1. That’s the house I grew up in on Parker Street. Loved growing up in Newark. Hope they create as many wonderful memories as my family did there!

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