‘Newark was completely off my radar, but he had me intrigued about [the historic Forest Hill Section of Newark].’

My girlfriend and I were complete novices to the entire house buying gig.  Unlucky and unimpressed after nearly 2-and-a-half months, she suggested we look at Forest Hill in Newark.

One of the online real estate sites directed us to a house for sale there, and our point of contact happened to be Brian.  The property wasn’t his listing…it turned out he was covering ground for a colleague.

We both were enamored quickly.  Brian had real-time knowledge of the neighborhood, and surrounding areas as well.  Quite honestly, Newark was completely off my radar, but he had me intrigued about the neighborhood.

We saw some really cool places in and about Forest Hill, but just liked the house Brian originally showed us.  We had an honest conversation about purchasing…and he soon became our cavalry, becoming our buyer’s rep. We completed our first house purchase as I believe as stress free as a working man’s first house purchase could be.

Looking back, what was most important and helpful to me (and my girlfriend too!) were Brian’s communications…always in contact, and really held our hand when we needed it. I was so impressed by his watchful eye…a real comfort for a couple so completely new to the home buying process.

We met a great realtor, partner, advisor, and I’d like to think, friend. I would be thrilled if i could steer someone new towards some help like his.

Thanks again, truly, Brian. We were so lucky to meet you!

Scott Drasnin

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