Have You Decided What You Want in a REALTOR?

Whether you are buying or selling a home, knowing what you want in a lawn sign for blogREALTOR will make it a lot easier to choose someone who will be a good fit. That’s what the following lists are about. Each one identifies things that recent buyers and sellers said were important to them. Links associated with each list will lead you to detailed narratives describing their buying and selling experiences.

Recent Seller

  • Knowledgeable, diligent, personable
  • Understanding of the local market based on extensive data analysis
  • Identify the most unique features of our home and helped us to accentuate them
  • Set out an aggressive marketing plan, drawing strong interest in our home
  • Kept us really well-informed about developments as they happened and about what to expect next.

Recent Buyer

  • Had real-time knowledge of the neighborhood, and surrounding areas as well
  • Soon became our cavalry, becoming our buyer’s rep
  • Purchase was as stress free as a first house purchase could be
  • Always in contact…really held our hand when we needed it
  • A real comfort for a couple so completely new to the home buying process

Recent Buyer

  • Never felt like a transaction
  • Friendship forged through mutual goals
  • A great journey
  • Above and beyond assistance and support in the transaction of our lifetime

Recent Seller

  • True understanding of our unique neighborhood
  • Honest and truthful, sharing with us realistic expectations about the whole process
  • Extremely personable, professional, and a champion of the city
  • Marketing techniques gave it an incredible “wow” factor
  • From the open houses to the photography and videography, it was first class all the way
  • He has become a good colleague and friend

Recent Seller

  • Gave us such an amazing sense of the community and location that we needed
  • Knowledge of the people and history of the area
  • Was able to walk us through each step
  • Provided us with a who’s who of service professionals in the area
  • After closing he helped us navigate our move

Recent Seller

  • Direct, realistic and super supportive
  • Expertise and guidance provided the right price point for our listing attracting great interest and ultimately the right buyer
  • A true partner throughout the entire process

Recent Seller

  • A marketing agent for probably your most important asset, your home
  • Developed a marketing plan to sell my home
  • Complete analysis of the market that supported the selling price
  • Used social media, targeted advertising and creative open houses
  • Spent time learning and experiencing what the house felt like to live in every day
  • Insightful recommendations that enhanced the property presentation both inside and out.
  • Followed up with all visitors and prospective buyers, which helped refine our marketing approach in selling the house
  • Honest, thoughtful, creative, professional, and intelligent partner in this process


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