Audible CEO, Don Katz, says Tech Companies Moving to Newark Will See Double Benefit

According to a New Jersey Tech Weekly report, Katz shared the story of his company’s move from Wayne to Newark in 2007, and reasons why he would recommend other companies do the same.Katz said the city is on the brink of a renaissance, which could be helped by technology companies moving inside its city limits, the report said.”We need to invest to make this happen…There really is a way to have capital become missionary rather than mercenary,” Katz said in the report. He spoke about “social impact investing,” which he said has both a financial upside and a measurable social upside, according to the report.When Katz moved his corporation to Newark in 2007 he had 120 employees. Now, with Audible being the largest audio book producer in the country and a part of, the company has added an additional 600 jobs, the report said.

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