A Great House is Worth the Wait

house picFor most people, deciding what house to buy is a stressful process because there are so many moving parts. There’s towns, neighborhoods, schools, proximity to transportation, shopping, places of worship, etc. and we haven’t even gotten to the house yet, where considerations range from simple to quite complex.

In this world of moving parts and serious considerations the best decision you are likely to make is deciding to hire the right REALTOR. I publish client testimonials like this one to help you find someone who will work with you every step of the way.

We are so happy to have worked with Brian McCabe as our Real Estate Agent during our home search. He was refreshingly helpful and patient from beginning to end.

This was our first single family home purchase so we were uncertain about many details, including where to begin looking. Brian was extremely informative regarding every neighborhood we visited, patiently allowing us to weigh the pros and cons on our own terms along the way. However, he always kept his eye on the ball (and helped us to do the same) with regard to our stated must have’s and wants, even when we were tired from the process and losing focus. He also always gave us considerate and relevant advice relating to every step of the home buying process, steering us gently and confidently through the maze of lawyers, sellers and selling agents.

Brian worked with us for close to 6 months even though we hadn’t fully decided on what we were looking for. Finally, after considering some less-than-perfect houses in the neighborhood we had decided on, he found us the perfect house.

When it came time to act he laid down a clear strategy to get the house we knew we wanted but were unsure we would get. His strategy worked and we enjoying the fruits of his experience and hard work.

Brian definitely exceeded our wildest expectations as to what a good agent can bring to the table. I’m sure many agents say they want to help you find your dream home. Brian McCabe, however, demonstrated this to us over and over with his hard work, patience and dedication.

Michael & Sibel Wilkens (Roselle Park, NJ)

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