New, Forest Hill, Newark, Real Estate Listing Channels an American Cultural Icon

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564-566 Ridge Street in the historic section of Forest Hill, Newark

I love front porches. Always have.  So, when the owner of 564-566 Ridge Street, located in the historic section of Forest Hill, Newark, invited me to list his property for sale I jumped at the opportunity.

Without doubt, the wrap-around front porch of this Forest Hill classic is its most striking design element. But a front porch is more than just a story of design; it’s a feature deeply rooted in American culture as described in a wonderful piece entitled The Cultural Significance of the American Front Porch. From that article:

“In many ways, the front porch represented the American ideal of family. The porch, in essence, was an outdoor living room, where the family could retire after the activities of a long day…The American front porch further represented the ideal of community in America. For the front porch existed as a zone between the public and private, an area that could be shared between the sanctity of the home and the community outside. It was an area where interaction with the community could take place…The couple walking down the street might offer a passing ‘hello,’ as they passed house after house whose inhabitants rested outdoors…Indeed, the front porch and the ideal of community in America had developed into a congruous union.”

What makes the significance of a front porch resonate so strongly in Forest Hill is that the notion of community is enshrined in a local institution known as the Forest Hill Community Association. Run by and for Forest Hill homeowners, the Association’s mission is to preserve the authenticity of an amazing neighborhood that spans three centuries. The home located at 564-566 Ridge Street exemplifies that authenticity.


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