My Love Affair with Older Homes

montclair house 1I have always had a thing for older homes. It isn’t like I don’t appreciate new ones, as well. I live in a modified 1950s ranch and love it but, as a Realtor, I must work both sides of the age street. Older homes, however, have something special.

As a buyer, imagine what it would be like if only the number of total rooms, bedrooms and baths mattered. You could live in virtually any kind of house. But, alas, we are far more complicated and subjective than that. A whole lot goes into a decision to purchase. Things like design.

You are driving down a street and your eyes are drawn to a classic old home. Reflexively, you try to imagine what the interior looks like. Then you wonder about its history: who lived there and were they important? And, maybe unconsciously, you thank father time for not being too harsh on that special property.

My appreciation for old homes is one of the reasons I really like being a Realtor.

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