Preserving History in the Midst of a Revival

From the National Registry of Historic Places Registration Form (July, 1990):“The Forest Hill Historic District is a sampler of the historical revival styles present at the turn of, and the first two decades of, the twentieth century…” This is what attracted my interest as a Realtor a decade or so ago. I quickly discovered that it’s what attracted buyers, as well.

When showing homes in Forest Hill I frame my presentations with the assertion that the Forest Hill Historic District not only memorializes the crucial role played by the economic engine that was turn-of-the-century Newark, it also serves as a residential beacon for Newark’s commercial revival. Witness what’s going downtown:

  • Hahne’s
  • NJ Bell Building
  • Eleven 80
  • Ironbound Plaza
  • Robert Treat Hotel
  • Bonnell Building

Newark is a special place. It serves the city well to keep a keen and protective eye on the past, while staking claim to a marvelous and inclusive future.

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