Fairfield, NJ: Important information for home buyers

This market profile for Fairfield, NJ does three things:

  1. It provides a snapshot of recent sales by price point range and ownership type. A condo profile is available upon request.
  2. It discloses objective measures of market demand, which answer this question: If I make an offer for a house what kind of competition can I expect? This information can serve as the basis for a winning buy (or sell) strategy.
  3. A common format enables easy comparison with other towns in Essex County.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and developer, Brian McCabe. They do not necessarily reflect those of United Real Estate – North Jersey or its management.

fairfield nj real estate

I am a Certified Buyer’s Agent, and an Essex County specialist. If you are thinking about buying a home in Fairfield there is a lot to talk about. After all, knowing how much competition you are likely to have in your target price point, and how best to position yourself to close your deal, makes good business sense. And remember that professional representation by a well-qualified REALTOR costs you nothing. But it can save you a lot!

I invite you to review my testimonials.

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  1. This is the competitive environment in all 22 towns in Essex County – Jersey Real Estate Pro

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