Buyers Scramble For Homes in East Orange

I started rehabbing homes in 2000 and East Orange was the town where I launched my business. I chose East Orange for several reasons: I love classic homes and East Orange has plenty of them; I lived there as a young adult so I knew the town quite well; and I believed that East Orange would benefit, as Newark has, from an influx of buyers looking for affordable, quality homes. And it has.

In three years, sales of fee simple homes (not condo ownership) in East Orange rose from 164 per year to 300. Do you think there’s a message in that kind of growth? Indeed there is. And another loud-and-clear message is what’s happening to home prices: demand is high!

So, if you are thinking about buying or selling a home in East Orange there’s a lot to talk about. The data I have will help you frame a successful buy or sell strategy based upon actual market behavior, not guesses.

Call me any time at 973-865-1863.

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