Offering Statements: Don’t Miss An Opportunity to Sell

I currently work with a number of commercial/investor clients most of whom have different interests. Those interests range from 2-4 family residential properties, multi-families with up to 50 units, mixed-use properties with at least one stable retail tenant, and small warehouse space. Regardless of the differences, every potential transaction starts with me asking the seller’s agent for the revenue and expenses, along with a rent roll, for the subject property. Pretty straightforward, right? Yet, often it’s incomplete, inaccurate or unreadable. To illustrate what I mean an agent actually sent me the following:

If an agent doesn’t present the best case for a property, who will? This surely is not the best case that can be made.

I do not work for a large commercial shop. Rather, United Real Estate is one of the fastest growing residential brokerages in America and we have a fast-growing cadre of commercial agents who work hard on behalf of their clients, whether they are buying or selling.

In my own case, I do not use the back of an envelope to prepare an offering statement. I do prepare offering statements that frame my client’s properties in a positive and professional manner. My goal, very simply, is to make it easy for a potential buyer to have a positive impression of a property, and that process starts with the first piece of communication that I send to a buyer’s agent in search of information.


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