About Brian McCabe, REALTOR

A little background about me and my real estate practice.

When I first became a REALTOR, I dove headlong into my local MLS. It wasn’t long before I wondered about things that weren’t covered in the data like; how was time-on-market related to price paid for a house? So, I figured out how to download bulk data and then analyze in Excel. Yep, there was a strong connection: the longer a house stayed on the market the more its sale price was discounted from its original list price. Then I wondered if there were differences by town. There sure were. People consistently bought homes in some towns much faster than they did in other towns. In short order, what started as a couple of Excel worksheets had become a full-blown, data-analysis platform which I named Game Changer. It’s that platform that I use regularly to analyze market demand in towns in which I do business.

I developed Game Changer in order to have something uniquely valuable to bring to the table. If you like the idea of a REALTOR who takes client service this seriously then maybe we should do business. I would welcome that opportunity.


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