About Brian McCabe, REALTOR

Brian McCabe, REALTOR

A little background about me and my real estate practice.

When I first became a REALTOR, I dove headlong into my local MLS in order to familiarize myself with how the system worked. It wasn’t long before I wondered about things that weren’t covered in the data like; how was time-on-market related to price paid for a house? Seems like there would be a pretty strong connection, doesn’t it? So, I figured out how to download bulk data from the MLS and then analyze in Excel. Yep, there was a strong connection: the longer a house stayed on the market the more its sale price was discounted from its original list price. Then I wondered if there were differences by town. There sure were. Quite consistently, people bought homes in some towns much faster than they did in other towns. In a short period of time I had become a very wonky real estate agent; what started as a couple of Excel worksheets had become a full-blown, data-analysis platform named Game Changer. It’s that platform that I use regularly to analyze market demand in towns in which I do business. And, if you visit my web site at jerseyrealestatepro.com, you will find a demand profile for all 22 towns in Essex County.

I developed Game Changer to help build my business. If you like the idea of a REALTOR who takes his business this seriously then maybe we should do business. I look forward to it.


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